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SZ Financial Consulting believes in supporting the HI-TECH ecosystem and in the importance of fully understanding and catering to the particular needs of the sector.

Each start-up is unique and so are the obstacles they face in each growth stage. The pace of expansion is extraordinary and requires agile solutions.


We provide financial services to many start-ups with offices in Israel and abroad. Subsequently, we have created the start-up kit to provide tailor made agile solutions to the technology sector with several fee packages to suit different growth stages.


The services include:

  • Opening and establishing a company with the Company’s Registrar.

  • Opening company files with the tax authorities.

  • Creating business models.

  • Funding – matching between start-ups and investors.

  • Accompaniment of entrepreneurs through the process of raising funds.

  • Tax and accounting services.

  • Bookkeeping & payroll services.

  • Day-to-day financial consulting.

  • International services.

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