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SZ Shvarts Zedkia – Accounting & Financial Consulting Firm – provides CFO services.

An external Chief Financial Officer is an external professional who works with you on an ongoing basis and provides your business with expert financial management analysis and reporting.
SZ Financial Consulting professionals act as an external Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who provides your business with on-going financial services to assist your business through growth stages. Our professionals have an extensive amount of experience and knowledge that can boost your company forward.
The service is provided to Israeli and International companies from all sectors: hi-tech, fashion, industry, real-estate, financial firms, bio-tech, clean tech, and more.


The CFO links your strategic vision of your business with financial and business strategies. He aligns your day to day work with your financial capabilities in the present and future. When do you need an external CFO?
When a business starts growing and the numbers and projections become more complicated you are in need of a CFO. One of the most important financial tools are the cash flow spreadsheets and budget control. Without understanding and managing them correctly it will be very difficult for a business to overcome financial obstacles and plan for the future.

  • You can’t afford to keep a full time CFO on staff.

  • You are focusing on excelling your business to growth and can’t focus on the accounting and financial issues of your business.

  • You want someone who is experienced across a wide range of disciplines and is backed up by a team of experienced and highly qualified financial advisors.

  • The financial performance of your business is becoming hard to track and predict and you need a professional to manage your cash flow and budget.

  • You are in growth stages and need a financial advisor to make sure you are going in the right direction.


CFO Services:

  • Financial models and business structure.

  • Preparing and monitoring company budget.

  • Product cost evaluation and sensitivity analysis.

  • Internal company reports.

  • Monthly and quarterly financial statements.

  • Bookkeeping and Payroll.

  • Cash flow monitoring.

  • Managing on-going financial operations.

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