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Accompanying the ERP system implementation process is a very complex process, and the aim of this process is to produce operational efficiencies for the organization. The members of SZ Shvarts Zedkia Financial Consulting is to accompany our clients throughout the entire process of implementing the new system, while providing an observation and analysis of each case individually, including the unique aspects of each organization. Just after fter an in-depth analysis and examination of all possible exchanges, an optimal coupling is being made between the organization and the ERP system which is being matched. The knowledge, the extensive experience and global network of which we are members in, allow us as a connected firm- to lead the organizations in every step of the way, and simplify as much as possible the process of replacing and implementing the new organizational information system.

The services which are being provided relates to the implementation of an ERP system in the organization include:

  • Defining an ERP strategy - processes, needs and boundaries.

  • Advice regarding the selection of suppliers and contracting.

  • Implementation of the solution from end to end, including the implementation of developments in order to adapt the best solution according to the needs of the organization.

  • Project managing.

  • Integration control.

  • Planning and performing admission tests.

  • Examining the online transition process.

  • Initiated execution of the examination of the new system alongside the old system.

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