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Our bookkeeping and payroll service covers all the on-going financial matters that our clients cope with on a daily basis.


However, we believe in providing not only the service that our clients require but also an added value that will help our clients succeed and excel. We are involved in your day to day activities, we handle obstacles with you, we find creative solutions on your behalf and we foresee potential problems.

The service we provide is a lot more than just bookkeeping and payroll.


SZ Financial Consulting offers in-house and outsourcing services.


The services include:

  • Monthly and annual statutory reports to the authorities.

  • Recording of payments, receipts and invoices.

  • Credit control services.

  • Supplier payments.

  • Producing pay slips to company employees.

  • Simulations of payroll cost for potential employees.

  • Management reports with respect to payroll per request of the management.


SZ Financial Consulting has knowledge and understanding of bookkeeping systems in Israel and abroad, including: SAP, Priority, Hashavshevet and Quick Books.

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