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SZ Shvartz Zedkia offers fund raising services to companies of all sizes spanning over all industries. We identify suitable investors according to the company’s needs and growth strategy. Will it be angels, VC’s, private equity, or family offices.


The firm works with both Israeli and international investors


Our methodology:

  • Our first step is to understand the activities of the company and it’s financial situation.

  • Understand the future forecast of the company for the next few years.

  • Prepare the start-ups investor deck to present to potential investors.

  • Identify the type of investor that suits the needs of the company – strategic investor, private investor, angel, VC etc.

  • Approach potential investor through: our professional network in Israel and abroad, joint ventures, and our International Network Allinial Global.


We accompany our clients through the strenuous process of fund raising. From preparing the investors deck to closing.

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