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The internal audit in any small or large organization is a significant indicator of the promotion and realization of the organization's goals and helps to reduce risks and offer appropriate solutions for their complete prevention. This audit is used by the organization's senior management as part of an annual work plan that is regularly updated in accordance with the company's requirements and needs. At the end of the annual audit procedure, the
internal auditor submits a report to the chief executive. This report includes the audit findings and the formulation of the recommendations required for the purpose of reducing the risks that accompany the company.

Internal audit services include:

  1. Examining the effectiveness of the company's internal controls.

  2. Identification of weaknesses in the company as part of a risk survey.

  3. Examining the manner of the process of making decisions made by the company's management.

  4. Checking the adequacy and manner of transferring intra-organizational information.

  5. Ensuring completeness and adequacy of cross-organizational processes.

  6. A horizontal examination of the entire issue of wages in the company.

  7. Examining the proper management of the moral purity that characterizes society.

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