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As the world is becoming smaller and faster due to the increased connectivity between people, cultures and economies, Israeli companies have more opportunities to penetrate Global markets.

Our deep understanding of our clients activities combined with our extensive global network – Allinial Global, allow us to provide international services tailored to their needs.

Our network includes investment bankers, law firms, strategists, and accounting & Financial consulting firms.

Allinial Global is an accounting firm association of legally independent accounting and consulting firms with offices in North America and throughout the world through international members and partnerships. The network is comprised of over 200 member firms in more than 80 countries.

Our professionals have a deep understanding of international markets on the one hand and on the other hand apprehend the culture and background of Israeli companies.

This allows SZ consultants to provide excellent service and create winning financial strategies.



The services we provide include:

  • CFO Services.

  • Setting up a company in the US and Europe.

  • Secretarial Services.

  • Strategic Consulting.

  • Treasury Services.

  • Accounting Services.

  • Implementation of ERP and accounting systems.

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